Tentang Saya

About me

My name is Happy Andri

I am a freelancer, content creator, illustrator, software/web developer. I just started my content and have few subscribers. 

On the sidelines of busyness, I also have a hobby of drawing illustrations.I come from a small town in East Java, Indonesia, Mojokerto to be exact.I was born on January 1, 1978



I like to draw using a pencil. In fact, I have many pencils of various types, ranging from graphite, charcoal and conte. I have drawn several figures in the form of pencil illustrations. My idol artist is Kim Jung Gi Us from Korea


I create content about birds. I have no mission for this channel, just because I love it. I was helped by my colleague who happened to be an expert in the bird world. This is my channel:


I am a former journalist.  I have had a career of 16 years in a leading daily newspaper.  In 2017 I decided to quit and chose to work professionally.  Now I am a creative worker.